Why you need to take multi vitamins and minerals for optimal health.

How do you know if you need to take multi vitamins?

If you eat a balanced, whole-food diet EVERYDAY you’re probably getting adequate amounts of the essential minerals and vitamins your body needs to function optimally. Check out this iHerbs coupon where you can get all the vitamins you need at a discounted price.

However if you are like the majority of people in the western world that seek quick, easy meals, quantity over quality prevails. As a result, our highly processed, fast food preferences means we aren’t receiving all the nutrients we need in the right ratio, everyday.

How and where the food was grown is also a key factor. Soil quality, storage time, and food processing also influences the nutritional value of food. Add your age and digestive health (your ability to digest and absorb food well) into the mix and things aren’t looking too favorable.

According to a recent survey, most people don’t receive adequate amounts of some vitamins and minerals.  Vitamins A, E, C, 
and K, and minerals including magnesium, calcium and potassium all show low numbers. Further studies show that current recommendations of vitamin D and vitamin C may not be at levels high enough for optimal health.

Isagenix multi vitaminsDo you need to take multi vitamins?

A supplement is a convenient way to bridge the nutrient gap created by our fast paced, jam packed lifestyles. However not all multi-vitamins are created equal, and there is a big difference in quality across the brands.

Many supplements haven’t taken advantage of the latest science and technology which outlines appropriate dosage, absorption, and bioavailability.

Some inferior supplements;

  • are not soluble enough for maximum absorption.
  • contain inferior, cheaper ingredients. For example Vitamin D is more potent as vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) versus vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol).
  • may have unbalanced dosages which may lead to an overdose of Vitamin A, which can be toxic in high amounts.
  • use incorrect ratios of minerals, which can lead to absorption competitiveness. eg:  too much zinc may lead to a copper deficiency as zinc and copper compete for the same absorption sites.
  • may use anti-nutrients such as phytates or oxalates (from teas or vegetables such as spinach) that can inhibit mineral absorption.

The Isagenix Difference

Isagenix Essentials for Men and Women products are formulated by top nutrition scientists and the Isagenix R & D teams. Using the most recent scientific results for dosing, and factoring in the unique differences between men and women shapes the formulations too.

The effectiveness of absorption, bioavailability, and disintegration technology is also part of the formulation process. Rapid disintegration optimizes nutrient absorption within the small intestine.

This cutting edge research and implementation creates a staggered release of nutrients into the small intestine. This timely absorption provides a steady flow of the various nutrients into the bloodstream.

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