Steven Febey’s Isabody Challenge – From AFL footballer to Isagenix Finalist

In 2002, Steven Febey’s life changed forever. After being caught up in the horrific Bali Bombings, Steve started his long battle with post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and depression. He was also struggling with various injuries due to his 15 year career as an AFL footballer. Steve says “My mind was struggling to see the positive in anything.  I lacked motivation and had little structure in my life.”

Noticing a decline in Steve’s health, close friend Ashlee Good, encouraged Steve to take a look at the Isagenix Program. “I was feeling physically and mentally drained,” recalls Steve. “Ash thought the products could help me get back on track rather than having things continue to decline.”

Steven Febey's Isabody challengeSteven Febey’s Isagenix Isabody Challenge

Inspired by Ashlee, Steve took the plunge and started the Isagenix program. He committed to making a healthy changes for the better and signed up for the IsaBody Challenge®. Within a few short weeks, Steve had re-created structure in his life, which also encouraged a positive change for his mental and physical health. “There was is a plan to follow, so I can track what I am eating, and the nutrition my body is receiving,” says Steve. “I can feel myself becoming more energised, motivated and, most importantly, happy. My life is starting to make sense again!”

Steve’s momentum continues even after completing the 16-week Challenge. “I am making smarter lifestyle choices and the Isagenix system has seamlessly become part of everyday life,” says Steve. “I felt a strong desire to share my story with others. There are so many people suffering and I want to show them that there is an end to the darkness.”

“People might look at the IsaBody Challenge and only see it from the perspective of releasing excess weight but it is so much more than that. It helped me turn my life around by stimulating me mentally, physically and socially. I am continuously supported by an amazing community and wake up every morning ready to attack the day.”

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