New Isagenix Study Results on Weight Loss and Toxins

Isagenix Study  Results

Isagenix is pleased to announce the publication of a new study. The New Isagenix Study, released in 2017, evaluates Isagenix for weight loss. the release of toxins and reduction of oxidative stress.

The new research paper is published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.

The new paper represents the third peer-reviewed publication from researchers at Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, New York. The paper follows two other publications  that evaluates the Isagenix System’s effects on body composition and cardiovascular changes.

Lead researcher Paul Arciero, Ph.D., gave a comprehensive review of his lab’s study on Isagenix products for weight loss and weight maintenance. In summary, the first two papers published show that a protein pacing calorie restriction diet enhances weight loss, body composition and biomarkers. The changes are maintained for 52-weeks compared with the traditional Heart healthy diet. The third paper published focuses more on oxidative stress.

Dr Arciero, who is the director of the Human Nutrition and Metabolism laboratory and a professor of health and exercise sciences at Skidmore College says, “It’s my priority as an independent researcher to objectively and scientifically investigate the efficacy of nutritional support systems across the age, health, and fitness spectrum,”

The newly minted Isagenix Scientific Advisory Board member also shared that the new research is attracting attention in the nutrition science world, as it is the first to discuss the relationship between weight loss, toxins, and oxidative stress.

Isagenix Study Resultsnew isagenix study

“The scientific evidence supports the fact that the quality of your diet really does matter, not just caloric restriction alone. Through diet, we can support the detoxification process, oxidative stress levels and blood vessel health, whilst also enhancing weight loss. It’s an important public health message, and one that needs to be realised.” Dr. Arciero says.

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