3 Healthy Habits To Kick Start National Nutrition Month

It’s national Nutrition Month in March and this year’s theme is, “Put Your Best Fork Forward”. National Nutrition month is meant to remind us to make healthier choices, one bite at a time.

Healthy living is about making good food choices, every day. It’s certainly easier to make healthful eating choices when meals are prepared at home. However, busy schedules can make cooking on weeknights a real challenge.

Meal planning is a simple solution that can make a big difference to help reach your health and weight-loss goals. Planning meals in advance takes the stress out of trying to decide what’s for dinner every night. It also ends the temptation to order takeout at the end of a long and tiring day. Here are three meal planning tips to make healthy week-night meals a snap.

3 Healthy Habits To Kick Start National Nutrition Month

National Nutrition Month1. Plan ahead.

Consider your schedule for the coming week. Decide how many meals you will be preparing at home and which nights you will be the most crunched for time. You’ll want to plan something that you can make ahead for your most busy nights. Three or four meals may be all you need for a week, particularly if you plan for a night to use up leftovers.

2. Get Organized.

Write down your menu ideas for each night of the week, adding variety with your protein, and carbohydrate choices. Source recipes you plan to use. Think about meal preparation – what elements can you prepare in advance?  Some meals that reheat well, like soup, curries, and pasta can be made over the weekend and enjoyed during the week. Other dishes, like salads or stir-fry can be prepped ahead of time by cutting veggies and pre-portioning ingredients. This ensures weeknight cooking is fast and easy. Check of your fridge and pantry to see what you have on hand before you make your shopping list, and you will be ready to breeze through your week’s shopping.

3. Set Your Foundation With Good Nutrition.

Planning nutritionally balanced meals is all about picking the right portions. You may need to make minor adjustments to recipes to make them more nutritionally balanced. For example, if you are planning a pasta dish, you might double the amount of vegetables in your recipe and reduce the amount of pasta you serve.

When you’re planning a meal, it’s easiest to start by choosing the vegetables. Plan a portion that is about the size of two fists, or about half the plate. Next, pick a lean protein. Use the palm or your hand or about a quarter of your plate as a guide for portion size. Fill the remaining quarter of your plate with low GI carbohydrates. Finally, finish the serving with a tablespoon of good fats, or a portion about the size of the end of your thumb.

Setting up these three healthy habits weekly can really pay off. Meal planning and being organised also helps to save time and cut stress. More importantly, planning ahead helps you enjoy more nutritious meals at home and eliminates your reliance on less healthful takeaway options.

The Isagenix System helps take the guesswork out of nutrition and portion control too. And by adding meal planning to your weekly routine, it will also be easier to make healthier choices, one bite at a time.

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