About Me: My Isagenix Journey

Better Health with Isagenix.

Even before my Isagenix journey began, I have always been interested in health and wellbeing.
As a qualified Naturopath, I am always searching for ways to improve my health naturally. And as I age, it’s even more important for me to maintain optimal health so I can keep up with my husband and my kids, and continue healthy living now and well into the future.

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My Isagenix Journey. From Fresh Origins

I follow the premise that fresh food is best, and we eat real, whole foods every day. We regularly cook wholesome meals most nights, adding plenty of fresh veggies and I also exercise regularly. I try to eat a balanced, mostly whole food diet – Im sure you try to as well.

3 Main Problems.

However I have three main problems with my healthy eating regime that I face daily.

1. Food Is Not What It Used To Be

In 1997,  UCLA compared samples of spinach from 1997 with that grown in 1953. It was concluded that you would have to eat 43 bowls of spinach in 1997 to equal just 1 bowl in 1953! Not only was the spinach deficient in iron, but other minerals as well.
The UCLA study showed: “Spinach’s potassium content dropped by 53 percent, its phosphorus by 70 percent, its iron by 60 percent and its copper by 96 percent.”

Grown in sterile, depleted soils, stripped of vital natural minerals and beneficial microorganisms, chemically processed, heated and irradiated ~ foods now contain less nutrition than ever before. The average daily diet simply cannot supply our body of all the minerals, vitamins, and micronutrients it needs for optimal function every day.

I shudder to think what the micronutrient state of our soil is like in 2016!

2. Breakfast choice BLAH.

Are you like me and struggle with the ‘regular’ breakfast choices available to us?

  • Breakfast cereal – There’s often more nutritional value derived from eating the cardboard box than the contents.
  • Toast with butter and vegemite, jam or peanut Butter? Carbs for breakfast, followed by a sandwich for lunch and more carbs for dinner makes me stodgy and stocky.
  • Eggs. This was my breakfast of choice for ages, and whilst they are a powerhouse of protein, very filling and delicious, gag worthy everyday.
  • Natural Yoghurt and Muesli. – The better option for me and a breakfast cereal of choice of mine for many years. Many of the muesli varieties are laden with sugar and fats so not a great choice if trying to keep your weight under control, like me.
  • Nothing. Often nothing appealed so that’s what I’d have – Nothing.

3. Quick and Simple is Important

Mornings are the busiest times for many of us, balancing kids lunches, uniforms, homework hubby, and ourselves. So much has to happen before 8am, that our own needs often come last.  I’m lucky to have a hot coffee in the morning (yes often it gets cold before I get the chance to drink it) which is why breakfast was always such a struggle for me.

However then I discovered isagenix, and my isagenix journey began. The quick to prepare, nutritionally balanced breakfasts are perfect for my busy lifestyle. And the complete and quality nutrition in the products ensures I am receiving all the essential ingredients I need for optimal wellness and healthy living.

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isagenix before and after image. my isagenix journeyMy Isagenix Journey.

Before isagenix I had struggled for years to move the added ‘baby weight’ after my last child. Being a busy working mum I was constantly tired, sleeping terribly and eternally grumpy. My sister in law introduced me to the program and although initially skeptical of ‘just and another shake diet, my husband and I tried the 30 day program, with every intention of utilising the 30 day money back guarantee on completion.

On completion of the initial cleanse program I lost 7kg, and am back to the weight I was in my 30’s. I am sleeping through the night for the first time in eight years; I am energised and feel fantastic. (Hubby lost 11kg’s with ease too)

Are we continuing on with the maintenance program? Absolutely! I feel great and the simplicity of the program makes it easy. The healthy maintenance pack enables us to maintain our health and weight whilst still allowing us to enjoy the things we love. Balance, moderation and Isagenix is the key to having it all.

Below are some of my diary entries whilst I undertook the 30 day-cleanse program.

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MY ISAGENIX JOURNY -30 Day Diary Entries

DAY 1.

I thought going without my morning coffee would be difficult but the Ionix supreme woke me up quick smart. It’s a pleasure to drink 2 glasses of water after that – no really the taste is not that bad! Weigh in and measure, feel a little like a baby taking all my measurements. I guess it is like a new beginning so the analogy is quite fitting. My goal is a few kg’s, and to improve my sleeping habits. Thirsty but surprisingly not hungry at 11am, but still enjoyed my six almonds! Loved my lunch with tuna, brown rice and heaps of veggies. Yum. A 5pm headache is creeping in. Lack of coffee headache? Pushing on, drinking water and the afternoon snack bar has helped. Still not hungry. Pleasantly surprised. The shake for dinner is a breeze.

DAY 2.

Didn’t sleep too well, kept waking up and had trouble going back to sleep. Feel okay after my shot of Ionix, shake and tablets. Morning walk to school. Bit of a headache; have been drinking lots of water but its still lingering. Apart from that, feel quite upbeat and happy. No food cravings or hunger pangs.


This was a challenge! It’s the first alcohol free weekend in a long while. We had a lovely lunch with friends. I enjoyed the snapper whilst hubby had the rib eye. A shake for dinner and we are still easily within the guidelines of the program. Sunday we met friends for a drink – we had peppermint tea but everybody was very supportive and it’s refreshing to know we can still enjoy catch up and laugh with friends without alcohol. Quite a mind trip really…

DAY 5. 
Feeling pretty good. First time in as long as I can remember that I didn’t wake at 2.23am… According to Chinese medicine principles this was my liver hard at work (I didn’t realise the correlation until I dug back into my resource books) My headaches have finally disappeared – cant believe I had a headache for five days (albeit mild) after stopping one cup of coffee a day.

My hubby, who is also doing the program with me, was a 4-5 a day coffee drinker. He has headaches too, and has been cranky, but his spirits are high and his attitude is great, which seems to be the biggest battle. Get your headspace right and your body will follow.


Today is the second day of the first cleanse. I must admit I was a little dubious about the cleanse days, no food = extreme lethargy and fatigue right? Hunger? Not at all. The herbal cleanse for life tea is very palatable and quite filling, and the delicious little chocolates and snacks keep hunger at bay. Fogginess and being able to stay on task was also fine as I worked most of the day in front of the computer and sometimes also use it for playing video games with the help of sites like http://overwatchsrpros.com/#start. Sleeping better but found it difficult getting to sleep – surprising as I thought I would be exhausted.


The second weekend was hard. I really felt like a wine (but didn’t). We are social people and many of our functions revolve around alcohol and food but we chose healthy food options and still enjoyed a laugh. Cleanse days tomorrow, which I am actually looking forward to. Strange but true.

DAY 11. 
I weighed and measured myself and I have officially lost 3.3kg More impressive is I have lost 18cm across all measurements, the biggest loss through my hips and bum which are my problem areas. Woohoo!!! Pretty good motivation right there. Spoke with a friend who has been following a calorie-controlled diet and has lost 9kg in 5 months. OMG I much prefer this fast track approach. Bring it on.

DAY 16.

I am surprised and delighted at my hubby’s commitment to the program. He loves his beer and normally consumes 4 coffees a day but has been rigorously sticking to the program – after all it is only 30 days.  Bless him he even went to the footy on the weekend and didn’t have a beer or a pie. He’s looking great, matching my 3kg weightloss, and he commented this morning that his skin is much clearer and brighter. A funny thing for a man to notice but he’s right, it must be the ageless, essentials and product B doing its magic.

Day 30.

Wow I cannot tell you how fantastic I feel having shed 7kg’s in 30 days, and a total of 28cm across all measurements, mostly from my problem areas. I am inspired to get back to the weight I was in my 20’s – 4 kg’s to go.

Maintenance and More.

I have completed a month of maintenance and I feel wonderful. Initially I embarked on the program to lose weight but now for me the program is all about the incredible sense of wellbeing, energy and vitality I have on a daily basis. I am not as strict in my dietary guidelines as I was on the 30 days but am following the premise of mostly good, everyday. I have my morning shake Ionix shot and shake for breakfast which puts me in great stead for the rest of the day.

If and when I feel like I am slipping off track, I simply follow a double cleanse regime for two days to get me back on track.

My body shape is changing. Although the scales aren’t moving, my clothes are looser, and I have more muscle definition. The scales don’t tell the whole story.

My PBs for my morning runs are being smashed. (I now drink a glass of AMPED POWER before any exercise and really notice a difference.

Thankfully i have never been really unwell. But following this program has made me realise there is a big difference between getting by and living life full of health and vitality.

It’s Isagenix daily for me! I’m loving it x

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