What is The Isagenix Diet? All Your Questions Answered

Are you interested to find out more about the Isagenix diet, and what its all about? You will be pleasantly surprised as you find out you eat real food, and generally lots of it. The Isagenix diet is so much more than just shakes!isagenix diet

What Can you Eat On The Isagenix Diet?

On the Isagenix diet (or lifestyle as i like to think of it) you eat REAL FOOD and generally lots of it. One of the main principles of the program is to flood your body with complete and quality nutrition your body is currently not getting. 2 shakes a day is an adjunct to your regular clean whole food diet.

if your goal is not necessarily weight reduction, but building muscle too, you may need to eat eat 5-7 meals per day. Two of these meals are shakes. Check out Ben’s bulking up food diary for examples.

Two of the primary components of the isagenix nutritional cleanse is Intermittent fasting and protein pacing. Four of the days are ‘cleanse days, and the remaining 26 days are ‘shake days’. During cleanse days, you follow and intermittent fasting protocol, whereas on shake days you follow the protein pacing protocol (eating protein based meals four-six times per day). See the 30 day shake day and cleanse day planner for more. Click here for the the premium pack planner. 


Unlike many other programs out there, the isagenix diet resets cravings and teaches you how to make healthy choices everyday. By stabilising cortisol and blood sugar levels, we don’t need quick sugar highs to give us that energy bump. When energy levels are stable, it’s natural to seek out whole, delicious food instead. Cravings disappear simply and easily. For main meal portion sizes, please click here. For clean eating meal ideas, read this article.


The program is scientifically validated by clinical studies (including the heart healthy diet vs the Isagenix diet, a year long study and publications in numerous journals). See the results here. My favourite piece of data is that the Isagenix diet people lose 2x the visceral fat compared to those on a heart healthy diet). Visceral fat is the awful abdominal ‘muffin top’ fat that seems so much more difficult to shift as we age. This deadly visceral fat also surrounds our vital organs and tissues in our abdomen. See before and after images here.

Not Just for Weightloss

The isagenix diet is not specifically for weight loss, although the majority of users seems to begin the program with weight loss as their primary goal. In conjunction with losing weight, many people are also looking for more energy, improved sleep, better performance and recovery after exercise, increased lean muscle, healthy ageing and overall optimal health.

No Soy or GMO

The products are delicious and filling with no GMO’s, no artificial colours or dyes, no soy and they’re gluten-free.

Goodbye Hunger

 On the Isagenix diet, you should not be hungry. Complete and quality nutrition and regular, filling and nutritious snacks should keep your hunger at bay, eliminating the want to ‘bing eat because I’m starving. If you are hungry, talk with your health coach so you can modify your program to ensure the program is tailored to you and your body. 

Long Lasting Results

Because of the incredibly thorough research and development of the shakes and supplements, the maintenance schedule of the isagenix diet ensures you get long lasting results. The maintenance schedule, which includes a shake for breakfast, an adaptogen tonic, and essential vitamins is easy to stick to long term, ensuring healthy longevity now and into the future. if Isagenix maintenance users start falling into some bad habits and feel like a reset, they simply follow a double cleanse day schedule to reset and restore.

Cleanse Days.

If you follow the program as its designed – on the 30 day program, FOUR days are cleanse days. You pick the days but it is recommended to complete the cleanse days in the first two weeks to give your system the kick start it craves.

Many doctors and nutritionists advocate for intermittent fasting, but the Isagenix system has a few added bonuses. The program has products to support blood sugar levels, increase energy and mood, and keep cravings at bay. Cleanse days are not difficult but they do require motivation and discipline. They are much more of a mental challenge than a physical one.

This Is Not A Colon Cleanse.

You won’t be in the bathroom from this cellular cleanse…You don’t need to take time off of work or be at home. In fact, most people say they have incredible amounts of energy and heightened mental clarity on cleanse days. It’s best to be busy on cleanse days so we recommend completing cleanse days mid week rather than the weekend.

The Isagenix Diet is NOT Expensive.

Compared to what we spend on things now, Isagenix is not expensive and can actually save you money. Alcohol, takeaway food, and junk food is expensive, and by cutting these things from your diet for the duration of the program will actually save you money. It is a program that can transform how you look and feel and is totally worth the initial outlay.

Yes, You Can Still Indulge.

People are blown away that they go on vacations camping with a tent from Survival Cooking where they overindulge and make a few bad decisions, but don’t see a dramatic change. With the maintenance schedule, it’s easy to stay on track. A shake, tonic and tablets every morning whilst on holidays keeps your good choices high, offsetting the bad. Throw in a couple of double cleanse days once back at home to get right back on track.

You too can live rich, full, indulgent lives. Feel energised and full of life, and look younger than before you began with Isagenix

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You have a 100% satisfaction 30 day money back guarantee. Nothing to lose and everything to gain. So give the 30 day program a go today. Your body will thank you

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