Cellular Cleansing; The Science behind Isagenix Cellular Cleansing

Cellular Cleansing is a powerful tool to help reach or maintain a healthy weight. But the science behind cellular cleansing suggests there may be additional benefits for health beyond a slimmer body.

cellular cleansingGive Cells a Rest.

When we eat, our bodies digest the food, then absorb and transport the nutrients to all cells via the blood stream. Cells can either use the nutrients immediately or store them for later. Consuming more food than the body needs at any one time can lead to a back-up of excess nutrients.

When additional nutrients arrive in the blood stream from a current meal or snack, it takes priority over nutrients that are stored. If you constantly consume more than your body can use, weight gain ensues.

Autophagy: Cells’ Own Internal Cleansing Process

Some cellular processes are put on hold while your body is managing the continual flow of nutrients received. One of these processes, called “autophagy,” is often described as the cells’ own internal cleansing process.

When the flow of incoming nutrients lessens, the autophagy process activates. Old, worn-out, or obsolete components within cells are tagged for disposal and broken down.

This process breaks down the unusable cellular components and converts them into basic building blocks. These broken down building blocks can be repurposed into amino acids and the like to support cell maintenance and growth.

Taking a periodic break from eating allows the process of autophagy to be activated naturally.

New discoveries related to the central role of autophagy within cells led to the 2016 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. The 2016 Nobel prize was was awarded to Dr. Yoshinori Ohsumi “for his discoveries of mechanisms for autophagy”.

Continuing research in this area has shown that as a part of normal metabolism, autophagy helps to support the health of the heart and the brain. As a process of cellular cleansing and renewal, autophagy is essential to the long-term maintenance of good health.

Cellular Cleansing for Health

By taking a short break from eating regular meals on Cleanse Days, you put the constant flow of nutrients on pause. This allows the body to use up excess stored nutrients. This process of cellular cleansing can contribute reaching and maintaining a healthy weight.

Fasting on Cleanse Days is also a way to support your body’s own cleansing and renewal systems since the process of autophagy is naturally stimulated by fasting.

New research continues to explore the influence of cellular cleansing or intermittent fasting on health. The very popular 5:2 diet, developed by Dr Mosely is also based on Intermittent fasting. The potential metabolic changes that occur during intermittent fasting, cellular cleansing days are vast. Cleanse Days can offer benefits for anyone, whether your goal is to reach a healthy weight or simply promote long-term well-being.

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