Can lack of sleep cause weight gain?

Did you know that not getting enough sleep might affect your waistline? Recent statistics show that those who are sleep deprived consume approximately 385 calories more than they normally would per day.

This research is from researchers at King’s London College who reviewed data from 11 previous small intervention studies.

Can lack of sleep cause weight gain?Can lack of sleep cause weight gain?

Researchers found that subjects consumed more calories the next day after being sleep deprived. The researchers also found that the majority of those calories came from foods that were proportionally higher in fat and lower in protein.

The extra 385 calories a day is equivalent to topping off your normal daily diet with four and a half slices of bread, or about one a half slices of pizza, without any additional offset from physical activity.

If sleep loss is a regular occurrence, those extra calories can add up quickly, leading to serious weight gain.

The study authors also suggest that chronic sleep loss could be a driving force of obesity across the country.

Previously, another study showed that sleep deprivation could hinder weight loss or, more specifically, that it can affect proper metabolism.

What is sleep deprivation?

Sleep deprivation defined in the study was getting only three and a half to five hours of sleep per night as compared to the control group that spent seven to 12 hours in bed per night.

Seven to nine hours of sleep is the optimal amount one should get each night. However those who have trouble getting to sleep may need to create better sleep habits. No screens 30 minute before bed – opt for reading instead, and take quality supplements of melatonin every night.

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